Claim 2 satoshi for free every 3 minutes!

20% referral commission on every claim your bottom-line made

Instant direct payment to your FaucetPay address

Is this totally free?
Yes, this is completely free!
Can i earn free bitcoins using this service?
Yes, you can earn satoshi just by claiming them when logged in with your BTC wallet.
How much can I earn every 3 minutes?
You can earn 2 satoshi!
How can I earn more?
If you invite your friends using our referrals program you will earn up to 20% of each of their claim.
Why my account has been suspended?
If we suspect someone is cheating the system we reserve the right to terminate his account.
I lost my password what can I do?
Your password is the only way you can access to your wallet. We will NEVER reset your password!
My old account was deleted?
Accounts older than 30 days without activity might be deleted.
Can I promote my website here?
Contact us with details, we may consider your propose and contact you back.
I need further help, where can I contact you?
Simply click on the Contact page link and compile the form, we will try to answer as fast as possible!